Operations and claims

Close collaboration with the broking departments ensure a seamless and timely handling of our clients’ interests, from fixing to conclusion of the voyage and beyond.

Our team adds value through their enthusiasm and expertise to ensure the highest level of personal service. Their assistance reassures our clients that their interests are looked after and protected throughout the entire operation of the vessel.


Every vessel under our care is assigned to a knowledgeable operator who follows the ship’s day-to-day activities and proactively assists to prevent and solve issues as they arise. For full and complete support, we also practice a team approach whereby each operator has 24/7 backing from colleagues. For our clients, this commitment ensures a continuous professional service backed by experience.


This department includes knowledgeable claims handlers who keep constant focus with regards to invoicing of demurrage and non-demurrage claims, for example those relating to war risk, deviation, heating, piracy, armed guard-related claims, as well as those that relate to time charter hire.

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24 hour Duty Line

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